Wednesday, 28 October 2009


For 2 years I have ignored the fashion of wearing leggings! i wore them when i was a little girl and they were NOT flattering!! However, since they have come back into fashion, how to wear them has changed! I thought now with the oversized jumpers, cardies and tops, you can hide the dreaded camel toe and big bum accidents that appear with leggings! So after buying an oversized cardie from H&M i bought some legging from Tesco for £5! They are so comfortable, thicker than tights but roomy and stretchable as tights! They don't show cellulite or make your legs look fat either! I love them!

Tesco and Asda do really nice leggings for £5

Also Marks and spencers do some adorable leggings with buttons by the ankles for £15! I will definitely be getting some when I can afford some!!

So don't be scared... get some leggings!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

First iPod touch blog!

Thought I'd try this out!

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

I have never watched this film and do not know the storyline so these are simply thoughts and ideas simply from looking at the poster…

The character Harry Potter is positioned in the middle as he is the ‘the protagonist’, the supporting characters are juxtaposed either side of him giving the impression that they are standing beside him, supporting him and even protecting him.

The character Harry Potter stance gives the impression of confidence; his body language protrudes confidence and is ready for a fight.

Unlike the other characters, Harry Potter is dressed down, Wearing a t-shirt, hoody, gloves and jeans. Most of his clothes are dark as if to make him look mysterious, like a shadow, his t-shirt is a dark blood red which could denote the shedding of blood through out the film.

Most of the other characters are dressed in school clothes, so with Harry potter being dressed in other clothes that his parts in the film are going to take place outside of the school.

The way Harry Potter is dressed can also be associated with the tag line at the top of the poster that says ‘THE REBELLION BEGINS’ This could mean that Harry Potter is rebelling.

Hermione who is standing left of Harry potter, is also not in school uniform, however she is dressed smartly in a colourful striped jumper. This could mean that she is also associated with the ‘Rebellion’ tag but she is smarter and more sophisticated about it.

Harry potter is holding on to his wand in his right hand, the wand is pointing down. This looks like he is showing he is prepared for a ‘fight’ but not aggressive.

Harry Potter and the first 4 characters either side of him are all looking straight at the viewer of the poster. They are also tilting their heads downwards a little. This portrays the feeling that they are confidently looking down on you, that they are also concentrating, mean business and are ready for what will happen.

Behind Harry Potter and to the left is a blonde haired girl, she is looking upwards and behind what the other characters are looking at, this could mean that she is not on the same side as Harry, or she may betray him.

The Girl to the right of Harry is holding a wand upwards with her arms crossed, this means she is enclosed, hiding herself, and holding her wand upwards like that is almost like a show of ‘ I have a wand and I’m not afraid to use it” He face expression is emotionless, it looks like this character does not like to give to much away,

Behind Harry to the right of him is a girl with long black hair, she looks like she is peering over the other characters to see, as if she is not in the ‘team’ but she is holding her wand as if to say she is ready to stand up for Harry and his ‘team’ She is also looking at Harry, again showing that she is watching.

The back ground is dark and smoky, the dark usually signifies the unknown and is associated with evil and scary feelings. You can not see in the dark, which makes fear what you cannot see. Smoke /fog also portrays thoughts of fear as again you cannot see properly in that atmosphere which makes you fearful of what might happen, what’s there or what is not.

Overall the poster is dark, mysterious and gives off the essence of a change, seriousness and that conflict is going to occur.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sweetly blood (I take, I scream you up inside my cherries)

I created this using a midlibs song generator on this website

sweetly blood's sweetly blood

I walk my tapes and all the letter wants bed;
I swear my coverss and all is send again.
(I take I scream you up inside my cherries.)

The treess go runing out in Gigantic and Cunning ,
And reliable ten cry s in:
I love my captain and all the arm sings tongue.

I cryed that you wanted me into chair
And need me amazing , feeled me quite Handsome .
(I take I scream you up inside my cherries.)

faith wants from the love, teeth's cakes aim:
swim pen and finger's tablet:
I love my captain and all the arm sings tongue.

I reached you'd take the way you name,
But I hear pretty and I see your knife.
(I take I scream you up inside my cherries.)

I should have let goed a case instead;
At least when fourth hates they love back again.
I love my captain and all the arm sings tongue.

(I take I scream you up inside my cherries.)

- Helen & Sylvia Plath

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Monday, 15 June 2009

The obituary of Helen Dolman

Helen Dolman, lazy unemployed nobody, died lastnight after complications of loosing her mind. She was 25 years old. Excitable and outgoing, Dolman never let life and problems get her down, but in the final weeks of her life the uphill struggle to sort out her life became too difficult to take.

Her depressed and unhappy persona, unlike the girl we all knew, seemed to get weaker by the day after the feelings of failing consumed her. Dolman, had spent her whole life trying to pursue her dreams and live her life to the fullest, but after many knock backs and declines, she began to realise that lady luck was not on her side.

Yet even in certain defeat, the courageous Dolman secretly clung to the belief that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan. Believing that all things happen for a reason was the downfall for Dolman, she could not understand why everything she touched fell apart and it was the mixture of feeling like a failure and her life falling apart that lead to her death.

The irony of man's condition is that the deepest need is to be free of the anxiety of death and annihilation; but it is life itself which awakens it, and so we must shrink from being fully alive.

Ernest Becker

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Horror story

Without a sound the translucent tear fell from Mary’s eye falling on to the paper work on the table.

“Take your time Mrs Wheeler” said the Doctor sitting opposite. Mary wiped away another tear, took a deep breathe and scribbled her signature on the bottom of the form.
“Thank you” the Doctor said sincerely, “your son will be ready to go home tomorrow”
Mary nodded looking down, more tears fell from her red bloodshot eyes. It had been 3 days since the results came back, Mary’s son Evan was incurable and had only a few days to live.

Apart from the illness, Evan was a normal eight year old. He loved comics, football and computer games. Mary was sure to make the last few days he lived as comfortable and happy as possible.

It was a cold and misty Sunday morning when Evan was transferred home. As he looked out the window of the car, he saw people of all ages walking the streets towards the old church that the city was built around. The graveyard seemed full of people which was strange. As the traffic slowed down the car past an old withered man in a brown overcoat, as the car got closer he turned and looked at Evan. The old mans eyes locked onto Evan and he stared at him with glowing red pupils but as Evan was so weak and tired it passed so quickly his attention soon became attached to the new computer games his mother had got him.

Mary carried Evan into the house, his eyes felt heavy and although he was excited to be home, the journey from the hospital had tired him out. Mary had set up a bed in the lounge so that Evan did not have to be stuck in his room all day and night. This way he could be the centre of attention, watch TV and play on his computer as well as not have the trouble of being moved around the house.

When Evan woke, he found that he had been sleeping in the cold and quiet lounge. He sat up and saw that outside the mist had not disappeared. The living room felt eerie, which Evan had never felt before, He tried to shout “ Mum” but it came out a whisper. He waited for a few minutes before calling again. Still no answer. Painfully Evan lifted himself out of the bed. His bare feet touched the cold wooden floor, which sent shivers throughout his frail body. With all his effort he pushed himself out of the bed, and he shuffled himself into the corridor. The corridor was long, hollow and cold, to his right a grandfather clock stood near the front door, which seemed to be allowing a cold breeze to pass all away along tugging at Evans blue pajamas.

He called for his mother again, he looked left to the kitchen, it looked dark and uninviting, there was no movement. His legs seemed to ache, tired and wobbly, He held onto the dado rail and waited a little longer for his mother to appear, but she did not. After one more call for his mother, Evan slowly turned around and headed back for his bed.

The living room had seemed to have got darker, the mist outside was really thick and menacing, Evan almost felt as if the mist was coming through the window. As he climbed into bed he saw a dark figure in the window out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head, but no one was there, as he turn his head back to look at his bed, the old man from outside the church was lying in his bed. Evan screamed in total fear and jumped backwards falling onto the cold wooden floor. The mist seemed to be seeping through the floor boards and up around Evans body. Shaking he tried to shuffle his whole body back wards away from the old man, who began to rise out of the bed. As he rose, he ripped away the brown coat, and began to change from a frail old man into a huge, muscled demon. On his head grew two huge horns, like the tusks of a elephant, his eyes were red and menacing, his ears were small and pointy, his nose was just two holes placed a few inches from his eyes. The scariest part of his face was his mouth, so huge it took up almost half his face, his teeth were large, pointy and sharp. From the neck down, the demon was pure muscle, he was huge and veiny.

Evan shook in absolute fear, the mist around him, seemed to hold him down and the demon towered above him. The demon starred into Evans eyes, his arm moved forward and started to reaching for him and as that happened Evan felt himself being elevated into the air by the cold mist. As he became eye level with the Demon its clawed hand grabbed onto Evans arm.

Suddenly Evan felt like he was being shaken.

“Wake up Evan, Wake up, Oh lord please no”

Evan opened his eyes to see his mother sitting by his bed shaking him shouting.

“Oh thank god, I thought….”

Evan sat up and rubbed his eyes. The living room still dark, He looked to the window, and saw that it was still misty outside. His heart began to slow down as he looked at his mother.

“Are you alright my dear” Mary Said stroking the hair away from Evan’s forehead.

Evan looked down at his shaking hands and then looked up at his mother “yeah” he said.

“Good, Let me get you some warm milk my love” said Mary as she stood up.

Evan looked at her as she got up and as she walked away he noticed the reflection of himself in the TV of him lying in the bed, as he starred thinking about what he had just dreamed about he noticed a dark figure standing behind his bed. Then another in the corner of the room, then under the bed and one behind the sofa.

He started to shake as he realised that they were here for one reason only. They had come to collect him.

Evan took a deep breath ad then mumbled under his breath “I don’t give a damn about living or dying anymore; all I care about is taking as many of those demons back to hell as I can”