Saturday, 19 September 2009

I have never watched this film and do not know the storyline so these are simply thoughts and ideas simply from looking at the poster…

The character Harry Potter is positioned in the middle as he is the ‘the protagonist’, the supporting characters are juxtaposed either side of him giving the impression that they are standing beside him, supporting him and even protecting him.

The character Harry Potter stance gives the impression of confidence; his body language protrudes confidence and is ready for a fight.

Unlike the other characters, Harry Potter is dressed down, Wearing a t-shirt, hoody, gloves and jeans. Most of his clothes are dark as if to make him look mysterious, like a shadow, his t-shirt is a dark blood red which could denote the shedding of blood through out the film.

Most of the other characters are dressed in school clothes, so with Harry potter being dressed in other clothes that his parts in the film are going to take place outside of the school.

The way Harry Potter is dressed can also be associated with the tag line at the top of the poster that says ‘THE REBELLION BEGINS’ This could mean that Harry Potter is rebelling.

Hermione who is standing left of Harry potter, is also not in school uniform, however she is dressed smartly in a colourful striped jumper. This could mean that she is also associated with the ‘Rebellion’ tag but she is smarter and more sophisticated about it.

Harry potter is holding on to his wand in his right hand, the wand is pointing down. This looks like he is showing he is prepared for a ‘fight’ but not aggressive.

Harry Potter and the first 4 characters either side of him are all looking straight at the viewer of the poster. They are also tilting their heads downwards a little. This portrays the feeling that they are confidently looking down on you, that they are also concentrating, mean business and are ready for what will happen.

Behind Harry Potter and to the left is a blonde haired girl, she is looking upwards and behind what the other characters are looking at, this could mean that she is not on the same side as Harry, or she may betray him.

The Girl to the right of Harry is holding a wand upwards with her arms crossed, this means she is enclosed, hiding herself, and holding her wand upwards like that is almost like a show of ‘ I have a wand and I’m not afraid to use it” He face expression is emotionless, it looks like this character does not like to give to much away,

Behind Harry to the right of him is a girl with long black hair, she looks like she is peering over the other characters to see, as if she is not in the ‘team’ but she is holding her wand as if to say she is ready to stand up for Harry and his ‘team’ She is also looking at Harry, again showing that she is watching.

The back ground is dark and smoky, the dark usually signifies the unknown and is associated with evil and scary feelings. You can not see in the dark, which makes fear what you cannot see. Smoke /fog also portrays thoughts of fear as again you cannot see properly in that atmosphere which makes you fearful of what might happen, what’s there or what is not.

Overall the poster is dark, mysterious and gives off the essence of a change, seriousness and that conflict is going to occur.