Wednesday, 28 October 2009


For 2 years I have ignored the fashion of wearing leggings! i wore them when i was a little girl and they were NOT flattering!! However, since they have come back into fashion, how to wear them has changed! I thought now with the oversized jumpers, cardies and tops, you can hide the dreaded camel toe and big bum accidents that appear with leggings! So after buying an oversized cardie from H&M i bought some legging from Tesco for £5! They are so comfortable, thicker than tights but roomy and stretchable as tights! They don't show cellulite or make your legs look fat either! I love them!

Tesco and Asda do really nice leggings for £5

Also Marks and spencers do some adorable leggings with buttons by the ankles for £15! I will definitely be getting some when I can afford some!!

So don't be scared... get some leggings!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

First iPod touch blog!

Thought I'd try this out!

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