Friday, 30 January 2009

No Where is safe!

So this week in Lichfield a local man called Mike Eccles was brutally attacked by a group of youths as he walked back from the shops late one evening.

The Youths bottled him and stamped on his head like a trampoline, leaving him with severe head injuries, the next day Doctors turned off his life support because there was fatal swelling on his brain.

It is scary to think that we live in a Country that allows this kind of thing to happen so regularly.

The two main offenders a 15 year old and 20 year old were allegedly coked up and drunk and tried to get Mr Eccles's wine off him that he had bought from the shops.

As they were under the influence of alcohol and drugs their lawyers will state that they were not in the right mind, meaning the will probably get a shorter sentence.
The 15 year old could get as little as 18 months for man slaughter!

I think that this is revolting! I hope that they get long sentences...even life for what they have done!!! These guys need to be a example of what will happen to people who assault and murder innocent human beings.

Gangs need to be treated like terrorists, they need to be separated, disciplined and punished in extreme ways.

We are no way living in somewhere as bad a Johannesburg or Philadelphia but we do live in a country that has poor and inappropriate justice system.

I believe that prisons are becoming to much like center parks and we are caring too much about the human rights of people who discard and completely disrespect other peoples human rights, freedom and lives.

I send my deepest condolences to the family of Mike Eccles. I used to serve him in a local pub and although I never really new him personally, I still feel deeply sad that him and his family have had to go through this pain and tragedy.

If that had happened to either of my parents I would be so devastated I wouldn't know how to live though it so I have no idea how much pain they must feel.

Please be careful if you are out on the streets.. where ever you are! xxxx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

99 subscribers but my mum aint one!!

So my youtube channel got its 99th member today! So I wrote a rap to Jay Z's song '99 problems' and rapped to a instrumental of the song.


Monday, 19 January 2009

Diet update...

Just a quick up take to tell people I have lost half a stone since thursday! It shows exercise is a main key to loosing weight because as soon as i started exercising I lost weight!

Friday, 16 January 2009

it sucks 16/01/09


Sucks big balls! A whole week and half dieting and I've lost nothing.. even though my tummy looks flatter and I feel better!

I hate that we live in such a world where how much you weigh even matters. In a perfect world people could be whatever size they like (within a healthy reason) and not feel the pressures of society. I feel like I have battled with my weight since I was a young teenager. When I was at school I thought I was FAT, like really fat!! Fact is I was probably one size bigger than the norm. Looking back at pictures from then I feel angry with myself... I should of embraced my body instead of thinking that I needed to be skinny.

Now I know I am big, bigger than I should be anyway and its so hard to deal with sometimes. I try and look in the mirror and see the good things about me and I am happy with my looks and stuff. I just wish I could loose about 40/50 pounds.

It's not going to be easy... Its been hard for the last 2 weeks. God all I think about is chocolate and cakes and coca cola and kebabs and pizzas! Mmmmmmmmmm

Oh well!

I know I am healthy though, I have to lug my suitcase and laptop backpack around a lot because I travel all the time and I'm always running to catch my train so have to be quite fit to make it. Although sometimes I nearly throw up because my lungs are killing me! lol!! but that's only because of the amount of weight of luggage I'm carrying with me

Sometimes we have to do things we dont like/want to do to fit into society, this is just one of them times.

Rant over anyways!


Friday, 9 January 2009

the week in review 09/01/09

Sooo this week has been quite a busy week for me so I haven't had time to update my blog.


So I started my diet on Monday, doing quite well so far, My vices are chocolate and coke and so far have eaten neither. I am eating small portions and trying to be more active, going well so far but hopefully I will start loosing a few pounds/stones! I want a bikini body for my birthday in July.

Job interview....

On Monday I called up a graduate scheme and did one of those phone interview, I passed it and was asked to go to a assessment day thing in Chiswick, London. The man on the phone reassured me that I sound perfect and that he could see my very easily going through. So Tuesday I trekked to Guildford to stay with my boyfriend and family and on Wednesday Sheri (my boyfriends mum) took me shopping with and got a personal shopper to get my in a nice suit so I could look professional and important.

On Thursday I went to Chiswick, Stood up in front of 40 people and talked about myself for a minute then worked with people in group activities. I did my absolute best but didn't get though to the second part of the day. I was really gutted as I thought that I did really well and deserved to go through, but obviously not!

Anyways this means I am still unemployed and broke so things can only go up. I'm going to stay in Guildford for a bit and annoy Ash I think!! hehe!


In my last blog I wrote about the economic crisis and said "why dont the banks print more money?"

Well on the train to Waterloo at 8am Thursday I happened to look at the newspaper the lady is reading next to me. Its title said something on the lines of 'PRINT MORE MONEY'


So for or the people who said I was talking silliness! I stick my tongue out to you and say "nehhhhhh".

Anyways thats HOW for NOW!

Stay tuned for more blogs! xhx

Sunday, 4 January 2009

04/01/09 . Water and Money


Apparently we should drink 2.5 litres of water a day! I don't think I even drink 0.5 of water a day. The water out our taps tastes like licking a dirty wet stone and you have to run it for about 5 minutes before you get a glass of water that hasn't got a white mist!! So I drink either coke cola or not much else! pretty bad really! Today I haven't drunk any water.... Hmmmm... maybe I should!


Anyways... so I've been thinking about this economic crisis thingy that's happening at the moment. It's pretty mad that in a few months things have declined so much At first I didn't think that it was going to effect me that much. Until my place of employment went into administration, which when I first found out I thought it was funny because I had handed my notice a week before. But when I received my last pay check the b**tards had not paid me for the week before they went into admin. Which totally sucks because I am now over £100 down and unemployed.

However it is the only thing that has made this whole crisis effect me. I think that its all a circus created my the media and government to scare us. Its been a while since we heard about any terrorist attacking or sorts. It seems we were just a small fat wealthy country with many worries. The government thought 'shit.. we need them to need us, we need them to be in fear' so invented this economic crisis to put us back in the 'fear'.

I have to admit, I know nothing about finance/money and how it all makes the world turn and stuff but I cant see how we got into this mess. It's stress about figures, numbers of money that doesn't actually exsist in actual form and that's mad really. I have actually really confused myself at the moment... if the banks print money.. why cant they just print more money to get us out of it... or is that a stupid comment?

I don't know.. It's all too confusing for me. I just hope I can get a job in the next month and earn enough money to live and do all the things I want to and need to do.


My boyfriend says I say 'Right' too much, its well annoying because I don't even know why I say it... it just tends to start my sentences off.

"right I'm off to bed"

"right I'm just going to get a drink"

"right you need to go left here"



Ricky Gervias is my favorite comedian so I am looking forward to watching 'ghost town' which I am going to do after I have written this blog. The Ricky, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington podcast are the funniest thing I have ever heard! I have to thank my mate Rick for introducing me to them. At Uni his bedroom was next to my boyfriends and as I would walk past his door to go to the toilet in the middle of the night I would here male voices talking... I would think 'who is in there cackling'. The one day in the summertime we were sunbathing and he started playing them as we tried to get a tan. Genius comedy!!! Any Thanks Baileybuildbase x

Anyways.. Thanks for reading

:-P x H x

First Blog 04/01/09

Hi, let me start by introducing myself!

My name is Helen Laura Dolman, I am 25 post graduate living in the midlands, UK.

I am opinionated, passionate, argumentative, inquisitive, addictive and friendly.

I look at the world through the eyes of a pessamist and tend to always think of the negatives first.

I worry too much, I care too much and I tend to look in the mirror way too much but I am also deep, like a bottomless pit, I know that really I am insignicant in scale with the whole world but it would be great to make a little mark before I turn to dust!

anyways... read on and through the year you will get to know me better x x x