Friday, 27 February 2009


So tonight I was watching The biggest Loser (an american game-show about obese people loosing weight for money) and I found out a quite frightening fact!

You need to burn off 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound!

On a good day at the gym I can burn off about 500 calories!!

Its really depressing to know I have to burn off over 2 times the amount of calories I am consuming at the moment just to lose one measly pound.


So far my weight loss has mainly been through being extremely ill over the last few days!

Well I think using this chart on a gym day I am burning about 700/1000 calories!

Not enough really, I need to be loosing at least 2000 a day!

Anyways I felt I needed to get this out to motivate myself and make myself realise I need to be doing more. At the moment I feel pretty upset because I am not doing enough, but hopefully I will use this information to my advantage!

Thanks for reading xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Classing a person as a celebrity 24/02/09

So this is something I have pondering about lately.. what makes someone as celebrity?

I think that maybe I have the term celebrity wrong as I thought someone who is a celebrity is a talented person who has achieved high status in the media over a long period of time...

However it seems in this day and age you only need be on television or in the newspaper for a matter of minutes and your classed as a celeb and able to appear on all these I am a celeb shows!

For example.. today I was watching 'celebrity britons best dish' and Rafe was on it from the apprentice, now for me, he does not class as a celebrity.. he is a man that was on a reality TV show about people trying to be an apprentice for Sir Alan sugar!

So there we have the problem.. reality TV has made celebrities out of too many normal people! But where will stop!

Jade Goody has become world wide celebrity for having cancer, so has the 13 year old boy who just became a father!!!

I think that its ridiculous!

For me a celebrity is People like Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, Barbara Windsor and Jamie Oliver. People that are famous for being extremely successful and not attention seeking wannabes!

If all these non celebs and celebs are getting tarred with the same brush then maybe we should think about making a new word for the wannabes.. like 'pleb'

I'm a pleb get me out of here

pleb big brother

pleb fat club

pleb come dine with me

I think it would work and this way I would be able to go "Hmmm i know not to have false hopes about this show because it has Plebs in it"

Anyways RANT over!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009


My mum made this awesome video using home videos from all the years!

Its pretty sweet and as I am living away from makes me realise what a amazing and beautiful family I have!

I love my family so much and am so greatful they love and support me whatever I do!


Sunday, 15 February 2009

15/02/09 HOW I LOOK NOW!!


What I look like now!!

this is so you can see the change in my weight loss over the forthcoming months

I am so tired from the gym today!

40 mins bike
10 mins cross trainer
10 mins rowing
12 mins tread mill walking
3 mins tread mill jogging
30 reps of all my arms/legs and tummy weighted machines!

I have been going to the gym a week today

first day I did

10 mins bike
3 mins crosstrainer
then nearly threw up lol!!!

hehe Im getting there though!

Keep tuned for more weight loss info and would love some words of encouragement below!


Thursday, 12 February 2009

12/02/09 Mac Problems, Twitter and gym.

So this week I have had to go a few weeks without my mac book pro as it seemed that there was something seriously wrong with it! After being in the computer doctors for 2 days, I was told my baby could come home and that nothing was wrong with it!

That is very annoying as I know that something is wrong with it as it has been playing up. Anyways I didn't have to pay for it so no worries there.

The last 2 weeks has seen me mostly being on twitter. Its like a social networking site, only all you do is update your status and follow people or they follow you. Its very easy to set up and buckets of fun!

Celebs such as Philip Schoefield, Fred Durst, Stephen Fry, Chris Moyles and Mr and Mrs kutcher use the site regularly! I have found it exciting to send messages to some of these celebs and even get replies of 'hello'.

If you are on it you can follow me @cherry_dee ( )

I started the gym on sunday and have been a few times since. It is extremely painful and tires me out so much but hopefully it will start making my body loose weight and has definitely made think twice before wanting chocolate!

Having Beef curry tonight.. Have become a tad addicted to curries over the last few weeks though my mum in law thinks that they are more like stews than curries because she cant make them to hot for me!!

Anyways looking forward to being wined and dined on Saturday :-P

V day only sucks if your single! >sorry<

Sunday, 1 February 2009

ITS SNOWING 01/02/09

And I have a great big fat stinking cold so therefore cannot go out and play in the snow!

Its typical!

I hate lemsip too, its like warm cat wee with lemon juice!


I hate being ill!