Sunday, 8 March 2009


The Unborn

Before watching I had a preconception that The unborn was going to be another teen horror movie with loads of unnecessary deaths, fake blood, bad effects and a weak story line.

However, in actual fact, this film scared the pants off me. I hid under the quilt in parts due to the scary and realistic special effects, the story line was believable, haunting and seemed to carry a essence of fear that gave goose-pimples.

It starts with a young girl trying to deconstruct the meaning behind a nightmare where she is being led to a foetus buried in the woods. The following events lead to Casey discovering that she was a twin and her brother died in her mothers womb.

She then goes on to discover that she is being stalked by an dybbuk who has been following her family for generations and her only chance to save her life is to exorcise the bad spirit before it possesses her.

What is scary about this film is the way the dybbuk possesses people around Casey, starting with a small boy then moving on to a old paralysed man, her best to finally her boyfriend. It gets stronger, feeding on the fear and killing anybody that tries to help Casey.

There were moments in the film where it almost bordered on the tedious and I felt like was trying to hard to scare the viewer, but overall the film set out to strike fear as you viewed, and if you’re a fan of paranormal stuff, this film really hits the right notes!!


Best horror film i've seen in years!

Helen Dolman

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