Thursday, 12 February 2009

12/02/09 Mac Problems, Twitter and gym.

So this week I have had to go a few weeks without my mac book pro as it seemed that there was something seriously wrong with it! After being in the computer doctors for 2 days, I was told my baby could come home and that nothing was wrong with it!

That is very annoying as I know that something is wrong with it as it has been playing up. Anyways I didn't have to pay for it so no worries there.

The last 2 weeks has seen me mostly being on twitter. Its like a social networking site, only all you do is update your status and follow people or they follow you. Its very easy to set up and buckets of fun!

Celebs such as Philip Schoefield, Fred Durst, Stephen Fry, Chris Moyles and Mr and Mrs kutcher use the site regularly! I have found it exciting to send messages to some of these celebs and even get replies of 'hello'.

If you are on it you can follow me @cherry_dee ( )

I started the gym on sunday and have been a few times since. It is extremely painful and tires me out so much but hopefully it will start making my body loose weight and has definitely made think twice before wanting chocolate!

Having Beef curry tonight.. Have become a tad addicted to curries over the last few weeks though my mum in law thinks that they are more like stews than curries because she cant make them to hot for me!!

Anyways looking forward to being wined and dined on Saturday :-P

V day only sucks if your single! >sorry<

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