Friday, 9 January 2009

the week in review 09/01/09

Sooo this week has been quite a busy week for me so I haven't had time to update my blog.


So I started my diet on Monday, doing quite well so far, My vices are chocolate and coke and so far have eaten neither. I am eating small portions and trying to be more active, going well so far but hopefully I will start loosing a few pounds/stones! I want a bikini body for my birthday in July.

Job interview....

On Monday I called up a graduate scheme and did one of those phone interview, I passed it and was asked to go to a assessment day thing in Chiswick, London. The man on the phone reassured me that I sound perfect and that he could see my very easily going through. So Tuesday I trekked to Guildford to stay with my boyfriend and family and on Wednesday Sheri (my boyfriends mum) took me shopping with and got a personal shopper to get my in a nice suit so I could look professional and important.

On Thursday I went to Chiswick, Stood up in front of 40 people and talked about myself for a minute then worked with people in group activities. I did my absolute best but didn't get though to the second part of the day. I was really gutted as I thought that I did really well and deserved to go through, but obviously not!

Anyways this means I am still unemployed and broke so things can only go up. I'm going to stay in Guildford for a bit and annoy Ash I think!! hehe!


In my last blog I wrote about the economic crisis and said "why dont the banks print more money?"

Well on the train to Waterloo at 8am Thursday I happened to look at the newspaper the lady is reading next to me. Its title said something on the lines of 'PRINT MORE MONEY'


So for or the people who said I was talking silliness! I stick my tongue out to you and say "nehhhhhh".

Anyways thats HOW for NOW!

Stay tuned for more blogs! xhx

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